Day 326 – Folie a Deux – Part 25

Word count: 752

The picture had arrived in the mail that morning. An early Christmas present for Cat was placed inside a cheesy homemade Christmas card: a photograph of Jenny’s baby bump and Jenny herself in a sparkly Santa hat.

Crazy Cat, I hope you’re doing well. It’s scarily not long to go now. Miss you. Jenny x

Cat was taken aback by the card. Jenny and Cat had kept in contact since Cat had gone to university, but it had never been more than a few words said between them. For Cat the hurt was still somewhat there, even though she had largely forgotten what it was all about.

Such changes had happened in Cat’s life. She had just completed her first set of university exams – revision went quite well, considering how much fun she was having whilst doing it. It turns out that that man that she was introduced to at the party all those months ago wasn’t for her, but that his friend Matt was not so bad. They had been dating for a while, Cat found it exciting – not least because being found attractive and interesting was all very new to her. But she kept her reserve at times too. The little Catherine was always lurking just beneath the surface and worrying about consequences and actions. Indeed, Cat’s life was significantly better. She would even go as far as to say she was happy. She had friends who missed her at university when she slept in through a lecture; she was doing well at course work and she was far away from the cable ties of home.
Cat was still experiencing funny turns and strange dreams, though. That was the curious thing; the doctors had put it all down to stress and poor diet, whilst here she was having a fantastic time and eating very well. The dreams, though, were comforting in a way. Every time she fell asleep to the birds singing outside that lovely old building, she felt she was transported directly into her bed at home. The movement aspect was growing too. She had checked out many, many books from the library on lucid dreaming and had tried all the different techniques mentioned. She couldn’t narrow down what were the best methods though as they all seemed to work. No matter what she did, she would be able to control her movements within the dream. But there were downsides to her new skill; whilst she could control aspects of some of her dreams, there were other dreams that just took her consciousness away and replaced it with a blank, empty space. On more than one occasion now she had found herself in places she could not remember getting to. At the start it was a peculiar scenario to try to explain, but eventually she had managed a means by pretending she was on very strong medication and that allowed her to sometimes escape herself.

So that was Cat’s life now: uni, boyfriends, good social life, inexplicable blackouts and fantastic lucid dreaming. As Christmas was marching ever closer, however, most of those activities would be closed down for a few weeks. The social life would be strangled into temporal suicide as she would be returning home to the arms of her mother and estranged sister. At least Jenny would be nearby, though heavily pregnant.

Cat was currently packing a few essentials away for the holiday break as well as having a quick clearout of all the scrap pieces of revision paper she didn’t felt she needed anymore. She smiled at the stick animation she and Matt had drawn together in the library one study session. Another piece of paper contained notes written to her and her friend Janey in a lecture about the Lecturer’s strange need to wear plastic gloves when touching the chalkboard. She stuffed these into a drawer before picking up a sheet of seemingly blank paper that had fallen down the side of her desk. Though, picking it up, she saw that it was not in fact blank at all, but had in rather messy ball point biro handwriting the following words:

Hello. Write back.

Confusion was an understatement. This was not written in Cat’s handwriting, nor Matt’s and nor anyone of her friends. Logic told her not to think about it anymore, but instinct was crying out for some attention. Was she going mad, after all she must have been, but what if she did write back… what if she forced herself to write back?

~ by S.G. Mark on August 28, 2012.

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