Day 329 – Folie a Deux – Part 25

Word count: 561

Cat was frozen. She was being silly, but the idea persisted in her head like a piranha.
Write back.

The paper stared back at her, plain and surprisingly inanimate. She stared back at it, daring the ink on the paper to form more words. There was no way anyone else but the cleaner could have gotten into her room though? She glanced back at the lock on the door, expecting it to be broken.

She had no idea what to do. The dreams that she was having recently, the lucid dreams… had she somehow written this in her sleep? It was too neat and not her handwriting though. She was being ridiculous, this line of thinking was just not her. It was daft to even play audience to it. She had an undiagnosed condition similar to narcolepsy. She took drugs for it that sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. She could make the person she was in her recurring dreams move sometimes. She always visited the same place. This would be something a psychiatrist could analyse. She did not need to succumb to her own madness.
But who else had written it?
She bolted to the door as if someone had just left, looking down both ends of the corridor. There was no one there. In fact it was unusually quiet for this time in the afternoon, given that everyone was packing and leaving for home. She went back inside, shutting the door and locking it with the chain. Her eyes were then drawn to the window, to the dark line between the curtains. It was dark outside. Why was it dark already, it was only half two?
Drawing the curtains further, night was revealed to her with a fine dusting of snow on the ground. Where had the time gone? She had been standing there all the time? She had just read Jenny’s letter, seen the bump in the photograph? What was happening? If she had blanked out surely she would be on the floor like usual? There was no sign that she had curled up in bed at all. Her eyes were as wide awake as they had been hours previously.
She grabbed the paper and a pen from her drawer. It was the most stupid thing she had ever contemplated doing. It was so stupid that she even thought about calling the university shrink to talk her out of doing it. She was going mad. She was caving in with the pressure of university life and having a mental breakdown.

She lay on the bed, knees up and the paper on her lap. She stared at the page, not sure what to write.

Her phone went off. A text. She reached across to her desk and picked it up absent mindedly, still staring at the paper. She put the phone in front of her eyes, going to open the text. But instead she found something that made her stomach lurch. In a draft text message on her phone were the same words that she was just going to respond to on the paper.

Hello. Write back.

She felt sick. Someone was stalking her? But only she had her phone on her all the time. There was no way someone could have stolen it.
She put pen to paper. There was no other possibility, was there?

Hello. Who are you?

~ by S.G. Mark on August 31, 2012.

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