Day 333 – Folie a Deux – Part 25


Word count: 594

James waited with immense patience. It was the craziest idea. It was the most bizarre notion in the world. It was a reverberation back to his old days in his twenties when anything and everything passed through his digestive and respiratory systems.

That night he had phone home. He didn’t tell Miranda about his fall. He didn’t mention the black out. Jonny was with him. He couldn’t believe that he didn’t mention it. But there was something that James was hiding. There was something so intensely bizarre that James was not able to tell even those he was closest to. For months now James was tired. For months now James slept and slept and dreamed and dreamed of a small house somewhere in England. He dreamt of a high school and exams. He dreamt of lectures and university. None of them were of him. They were outer body experiences. None of the experiences he had were in the same body he inhabited. James thought he was going mad. For months and months he feared admitting it to anyone, he was not going to start pouring out his soul to everyone now.

He had been to the doctor to help with his sleeping habits, but none of the prescribed medicines had worked. It had affected his relationship with his wife, his friends and his band mates.

Yesterday’s interview had brought up many questions. The interviewer, Leila Daher – broadcasting live across the US – had asked questions that were particularly sobering. Was he happy now, with a wife and kids? Was he happy with the direction the band was taken? Was he happy where he was in life? The answer to the questions was that he honestly did not know. He yearned to be happy, above all else. He loved his kids, he loved his wife: but there was something missing and somehow this person who he was in the dream could explain it all. At the same time, though, it was not just another person he dreamt of being – it was actually someone. He felt it was as real as himself, but this person went to school, had parties and did all the ordinary things he used to do when he was younger. There was a nostalgic familiarity that somehow helped to answer all the questions he had in life.

Jonny had left the room not long before he began to feel tired. He knew what was happening as it happened every night. The same recurring dream happened every night without fail. He allowed himself to be overcome by it, determined that somehow he would achieve what he set out to achieve. He had felt himself becoming stronger every time he had this dream. He investigated lucid dreaming. He researched into it heavily and tried to ask all his questions to wherever online would answer them. Everyone online had encouraged him to do the same thing; to try and get control.

It happened that night. He was so determined that night to ensure that he had control that he entered the dream with control. As soon as he passed out into sub consciousness, he was the person in his dreams. He could control her arms, her legs. She was his puppet, whoever she was. During the dream the idea came to him, as stupidly as any drunken night out’s ideas would. A pad of paper, a pen…

It was a long shot, it was a chance…. He wrote what first came to his mind…

Hello. Write back.

~ by S.G. Mark on September 4, 2012.

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