Day 335 – Meditation in the Backwaters of Outer Space – Part 14

Word count: 639

Humanoid was not exactly what Jack would have described the Captain like. However, he certainly had devices that could resemble arms and legs. His second head – protruding lump with eight beady eyes – also gave the game away that these were not at all like the Star Trek series promised.

The Captain, pale blue skinned and dressed in a strange… many armed jacket, stood (slouched might be more appropriate a word) by the door way. He was casually wearing sunglasses in the same way that eight eyed aliens do on a space ship hurtling through the nearby nebulas. Jack, contrary to the Captain’s coolness, was cowered in the corner in a worse state than the day after his last exam at high school.
“Oh god, I had to pick a weird one, didn’t I?” English unexpectedly poured out of its many-toothed mouth. “Dammit, why couldn’t I have picked one that wanted the probing!”
“Pr-pr – ” and then he grew some and stood up, releasing the tension as easily as it was to take off a a jacket. “You’re winding me up, aren’t you?”
The Captain rolled into the room, lighting what appeared to be a cigarette whilst he did so.
“Coolio, you know I love this stuff,” he indicated the stuff he was smoking, “Timbaco you call it?”
“Tobacco,” Jack corrected him.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever, so this one guy we picked up left some behind somehow, probably feel out of his pocket or something, but basically I tried some and I can’t stop since! You don’t smoke do you, it’s just I hate travelling to Earth alone?”
“You travel to Earth alone?”
The Captain looked at Jack as if he were nuts, “You don’t think I have the balls?”
Quite frankly Jack didn’t want to count – fearing both zero and the same number of incidences as the Captain’s eye collection.
“Erm, yes I do,” Jack agreed to keep the peace.
“Right, now down to business,” the Captain clapped two of his five hands together. “You have special skills, right?”
“Special skills….”
Jack’s smug levels increased as quickly as the Earth’s sea levels during the early twenty-first century.
“Great,” the Captain was clearly taking Jack’s expression as confirmation, “You’ll go down to the engine and make my ship fly twice as fast as she normally does. You handle that?”
Jack was confused. He was brought on to repair or develop the ship? That was a tall order. He might be able to run a few things or so, but Jack had never failed yet.
“Sorry, but I’m here by accident I think…. Wrong Jack I think…”
“Wrong Jack? No, no I’ve checked you out. You’re very important, and I’m sorry I’ve had to drag you away from your family and friends.”
“I’ll live,” Jack replied. “But I can’t fix a kitchen sink, let alone such an advance space ship… I’m in awe of it.”
“You haven’t seen the outside yet.”
“Erm, no, no I haven’t.”
Jack was beginning to wonder if he had some form of mental breakdown. He was having a conversation with someone clearly not from Earth. Jack didn’t know what was happening. Had he been drugged? Was this just part of a strange dream of his that he’ll tell Emily of it tomorrow, but then he wondered who Emily and finally assumed that he had gone mad as he was not thinking any sense at all. That was the most worrying thing about it all.
“Right, erm, sorry Captain, but I’m confused. Am I really here?”
“Yeah, course you are, less you on da spaceman?”
“Then why am I really here? I don’t have any skills and you know it.”
“Oh well if you’re going to be smarter…. Alright, I lost a game of friggin’ poker and as a bed I had to pick up a human.”

~ by S.G. Mark on September 6, 2012.

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