Day 336 – Alienation – Part 5

Word count: 653

“Frank, I think we need to talk,” Doctor Blackman had completed his initial survey of the symbol in the garden.
“Alright then, but you won’t make me change the garden back,” Frank led the doctor inside and made him an ice cold drink.
They sat in the dining room. Frank ushered his kids out and ensured that Moira would not be listening at the door by asking her to pop to the shops to get some more sugar. Frank closed the door and sat opposite the doctor.
“It’s good of you to come to my home,” Frank thanked him.
“Jour wife was very worried,” he said in his low, deep voice. “I am very worried myself, too. Have ju been following de guidance I have given ju?”
Frank leant forward and sighed, “It didn’t work. I can’t just switch it off. It’s not an illness, Doctor Blackman. I didn’t just make this up. It actually happened. I can’t get it out of my head.”
“Ju realise what ju are sayin’?”
“Yes! Yes I do! I’ve alienated my family – excuse the pun – and I’ve lost my job. Would I really do all that over something I didn’t believe was true?”
Doctor Blackman remained quiet, but Frank could feel the cogs of his brain turning. A decision was being made; quite what it was, Frank did not know. All Frank did know was that whatever anyone said was wrong. He did disappear that night: but it was not because he was drunk or got lost. Something took him. Something from the skies – some other being that did not live on the planet. For years he had been pushed away by his family; his friends were forbidden to know his beliefs of what happened the week he disappeared. He had lost his job; his career of twenty years demolished in a rumour.
“Listen, I’m sorry to have wasted all your time with the counselling, but I can’t continue. I can’t. I can’t continue to lie to myself. My wife might think I am mad and need my brain rerouting, but I know I’m right. I was there. No one else was. I can’t just sit down with you every week and listen to how I need to change and how I need to realise that it was all part of some traumatic deep forgotten memory. I just simply cannot do that.”
Frank was conscious that Moira might be back at any minute. He could not stand for that argument with her now. He needed to end it with Doctor Blackman without her finding out at least for a few weeks.
Meanwhile Doctor Blackman was still observing Frank’s agitated fumbling from across the table. Frank was not sure what to make of him. He was a psychiatrist after all: any tiny seemingly-insignificant move that Frank made might be being analysed for certain personality traits. Frank felt instantly uncomfortable upon this realisation. He imagined a long beach somewhere on a desert island and tried to calm himself into a statue-like state.
“Do, do you want another drink?” his voice was definitely conveying a calm and stress-less Frank.
From outside the room he heard the front door slam. Moira was back. The rustle of shopping bags quickly followed – she had bought more than just sugar. There wasn’t much time left for Frank to close off the conversation before the Doctor could say anything to Moira about it. He attempted to make “leaving motions” across the table as if time was getting on and he had places to be, people to see. Doctor Blackman stared blankly back at him, not even answering his question about another drink.
Frank heard Moira faffing around in the hallway, no doubt sorting out her handbag and hanging up her jacket.
“Listen, er, uhm, could you –”
But Doctor Blackman interrupted him in a sudden burst of vocals.
“The place you were kidnapped, show me?”

~ by S.G. Mark on September 7, 2012.

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