Day 339 – On/Off, True/False, Yes/No, One/Zero

So I had this idea to write a story in the digital reality. Writing stories describes a lot of analogue things. I wanted to know what it would be like to write things based entirely on fact. It’s a terrible, terrible story. But I am glad I did it. I will now never do it again.

Word count: 595

The girl woke up. The girl had blond hair. She responded to the name Michelle. She got out of bed. She got dressed. The water was too cold for her body, so she did not have a shower. She was hungry. She made food. She ate the food. The dishes were dirty, so she washed them. It was a weekday, so she went to work. She got paid for the work. She ate when she was hungry. She had a meeting. She had coffee when her mind was tired. Her body did not require food, so she did not have one.

Half twelve in the afternoon signalled lunch. She ate a sandwich because it was there and because her stomach required food. An hour passed and she returned to work. Work involved spreadsheets because the company she was employed by required that data be kept in order.

At the end of the working day, which occurred at the same exact time every day, she returned. On Wednesdays her procreating partner came over the night. He was called John. John was two years, four months and three days older than Michelle. They spoke to each other when she got in. He had keys. He had keys because she knew him for a sufficient pre-determined integer amount of time.

John was sat on the sofa. Michelle was in the kitchen. She was cooking a nutritionally sufficient meal as to overcome their bodies’ lack of energy. She returned to John with two plates of food. They ate and watched entertainment to occupy their minds. They asked each other how they felt in order for their own personal serotonin levels to increase.

The news came on the television. Someone had died, a politician had lied and the weather would be sufficiently cold in order to require the use of sufficiently warm clothing.

Michelle lived in an area surrounded by other houses. She did not like the colour red so she did not have a red car. She had a car to travel to work. It met her exact requirements, no less, no more. She had one extra bedroom other than her own to accommodate guests. On Fridays a specific friend would always stay over. She had carpets in every room so that her feet did not get cold. She had a white kitchen so that she could more easily see dirt. She had a garden because it provided her space to grow her own vegetables. This made eating more cost effective.

That night Michelle and John talked of their day. John had attended there meetings. Michelle had attended four. Michelle and John sat nearer to each other as the chemicals in their body required that they procreate.
John leant in and kissed Michelle. However, Michelle did not like the kiss, so she refused the second kiss that John gave. John did not act on Michelle’s response and again kissed her. Michelle did not agree with this move once more and her mood then reflected that of anger. She sat away from John to avoid being kissed again. John moved towards her so that he could once again kiss her. He went to kiss her again. Michelle’s anger stopped and turned into lividness. She picked up her knife from her dinner plate and stuck it in his chest because of this lividness. John began to bleed. She did not call an ambulance because she concluded that he did not qualify in the requirements to be a good man. By that logic, he was therefore a bad man. He then died.

~ by S.G. Mark on September 10, 2012.

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  1. I like this.

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