Day 340 – Folie a Deux – Part 26

Word count: 855

“What’s wrong?” Jenny asked.

Cat and Jenny were alone in Jenny’s bedroom, formerly a teenage haven and now just an impending nursery. It was quite different to how it was since the last time Cat had been in it. The posters of bands and random scribblings lining the wall were all gone. Only the spattering of crinkled paintwork told the signs of a blue tack cemetery underneath. The single bed had been replaced with one slightly bigger and had been pushed into the corner instead of the middle. A new carpet had been put in too. The bookshelf had been gutted; all Jenny’s books must now be in storage for the shelves displayed only baby-like ornaments and a few tea-light holders. The room was neat and tidy; an achievement that Jenny had never usually been able to have in her sights.

Cat was home for Christmas holidays. It was Christmas Eve. Cat had gone over to Jenny’s to see her for the first time since university. The first few minutes together were awkward and not just because of the incident the previous summer. Cat was unable to describe it, but there was something unfortunately different. The awkwardness began to melt in time though and soon they were upstairs in Jenny’s room giggling. It was not the same giggling that they used to do, but it was fun nonetheless. Jenny had described all her pregnancy details in full. She beamed whenever she spoke of the little thing kicking her belly. Cat even felt it when she put her hand on Jenny’s stomach. Her best friend: the mother. It was so hard to fathom.

Even as they caught up on all the stories that were happening in each other’s lives however, Cat began to dwell on the stupid thing she had done the other day. The notepad and the message: the decision to write back seemed as silly and as embarrassing as anything and everything she had done in primary school. It tugged at the heart, willing her to change back time and erase the stupid decision. All along and all alone in her skull, her brain hung low in shame; oozing out chemicals into her chest to trick her into thinking her lungs were missing.
“Cat, Earth to Cat?” Jenny’s hand waved across Cat’s glazed vision.
Cat startled like a car being jump-started, “Wha?”
“Glad to have you back, you were doing that thing again… but well… not sleeping.”
“What do you mean?”
“You were in full-on stare mode.”
“Oh, sorry. I… just drifted off I guess. Sorry, you know what it’s like.”
“Yeah, it’s okay. I’ll live.” Jenny investigated Cat with her eyes, “I hope my baby is a girl, because I’m going to call her after you.”
Cat almost burst out laughing, “Me? What?”
“Yeah. You’re my best friend. I want you to be like an aunty to this wee one. It won’t have a dad. But I’d love you to be as close a second mum as a dad could ever have been.”
Cat did not know what to say. In a way she was touched that Jenny would ask her; but at the same time this child would be growing up without a father. Tom had stopped talking to Jenny. Dave did not want anything to do with it, but had by now done similar things to a lot of other girls since school broke up.
“Wow, Jenny. I’d… I’d be honoured…”
Jenny gasped, clearly she had been holding her breath since she had said it, and wrapped her arms around Cat’s neck. In an instant: everything had changed.
Jenny’s touch provided the spark to ignite whatever it was that was ticking away inside her. A g-force rattled through her body and she was standing and holding a guitar on a dark stage. She was strumming, very gently; singing to herself. It was masculine and very, very familiar though she could quite think from where. Above, bright lights dazzled her, but the light did not seem to reach the floor as her body was shrouded in black.
Then, almost as suddenly, she returned to Jenny’s room. The ceiling was directly in front of her. Th
Edge of the new cot rose from out of the corner of her eye and upwards like a tall skyscraper. Jenny was leaning over her.
“Oh my god, are you alright?”
Cat sat up abruptly, almost head butting Jenny with the speed at which she ascended.
“What happened?” she asked Jenny.
“You, it was strange. You got up and started walking around. I didn’t think anything of it until you started singing.”
“Yeah, it was very odd. I couldn’t wake you. Then you collapsed. You were in proper scary sleep walking mode.”
“Singing?” Cat was still shocked at this part. “What was I singing?”
“I don’t know, a lot of the words were to jumbled and incoherent, but I caught a few words…. Hello – write back?”
Cat’s world collapsed in a torrent of strangeness. She was singing those words. Christmas would be fun this year; Cat would be booking a psychiatrist as a New Year’s Resolution.

~ by S.G. Mark on September 11, 2012.

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  1. Love this series X)

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