Day 342 – In Virginia, they – Part n + y^x, where n is a positive integer, y is your age and x is the last number you can think of

Word count: 564

Moonlight fell on their faces through the broken glass window of the small abandoned cabin. Dead trees with graveyards of leaves at their feet sprung up from the ground like primeval statues of Mother Earth herself. Nothing had grown on this land for centuries and no one could fathom why. Sitting on an old bench in the dark living room and looking out into the bleak and terrifying wilderness, neither Jerry nor Tanya could figure out why anything would have the fearlessness to grow anywhere at all.

They were tired. Tired of running, tired of fighting; Tanya, the strong might of femininity, was losing her battle of wills. Jerry, the man who could easily have not been here at all, was rapidly realising he might never leave this place. They had not spoken in quite a few hours now, instead choosing to communicate by holding each other’s hand. They sat and watched the sun set from their view. Darkness crept over the sky and land and eventually swallowed the sun itself, turning everything to a deepest velvety black.

They could be attacked at any minute. Tomato-zombies might be lurking in the trees or infiltrating through the back of the house. They still sat, quite openly and unalarmed at their own weakness. Hours more passed when at last the silence was broken.
“Shall we head now?”
It was Jerry who spoke first, intriguing Tanya.
“But it’s unsafe to travel at night?”
“We well can’t stay here, they’ll pick up our trail before long.”
“You’re right. Bring him hell?”
“Bring him hell.”
Jerry let go of Tanya’s hand in favour for his sawed off shotgun. They had raided Karin’s stash before leaving. They were not going to travel lightly. Jerry led the way, Tanya following up with her pair of Desert Eagles.
“I’m gonna find him tonight, Jerry. I have a feeling.”
They boldly walked through the high crops; Jerry not even wincing at the prospect. He was a changed man; a braver man. Their destination was the glowing spec of fiery light in the distance. It was at least five miles away and there was no way of telling what was between now and there. Death may be inches, seconds away; but neither of them cared. This was a fight to the death: it was a them or us kind of battle. Someone had to die and they were going to damn well make sure it was not themselves.
“Crouch down,” Jerry signalled his hand behind him to motion Tanya to creep lower down. “We’re coming to a road. I think I can see car headlights.”
“Don’t get your hopes up. It could be anyone.”
“But what if it’s the police?”
Jerry turned round abruptly, “Who are you? What happened to the feisty girl I met in the cellar? What happened to the girl who would knock her father down with one wrong look? What happened to her the girl I -”
“Look out!” Tanya screamed.
Jerry turned around just in time to see a monstrous pair of headbeams flare passed him and hurtling speeds before it spun over on itself and tumbled to a catastrophic and very, very final clank. The headlights smashed out, smoke sizzling from the engine, dust flying in the air around the vehicle, two pairs of hands were reaching out of the side windows: both passengers were still alive.

~ by S.G. Mark on September 13, 2012.

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