Day 434 – The Passenger – Part Er Somethingth

Word count: 905

The point that it got complicated was so immensely complicated that it was a complicated process to try and de-complicate it. From Kate’s staggered memory of it, it involved the bank manager, an umbrella, a pair of sunglasses, a member of the hostages and – for some unknown reason – a coat hanger.
Two and a half hours of that, and Kate had been arrested and Nick was gone from sight. Now they were reunited, though, there was everything to play and everything to lose. Kate was on the run. They would be searching for her by now and Walker and Finch’s smug faces would be telling each other they told themselves so. Kate’s thoughts eventually strayed to how Phil would be reacting. Bound by his enormous faith and trust in her, he would be heartbroken to find out what actually had happened. A small disease of sadness infected her briefly, but she was soon cured: they were on the road again!
“So where to now?” Kate said, winding down the roof of their new convertible and letting the wind rush through her new Felon hair do.
“Close by, but well… you’ll see,” Nick grinned at her, “I’ve gotta well… I’ve gotta speed up pretty quickly, you know.”
“No, why do you say that? Could it be because we’re on the run from the police?” Kate said sarcastically.
The rush of wind howling passed their ears interrupted the conversation.
“Well, you see, not exactly. They are easy. I’ve well, it’s complicated…”
“Nick?” Kate was weary. Nick sounded almost apologetic.
“Now don’t blame me! Don’t shout!”
Kate wanted to slap him already. “What have you done?”
“Right, well, this was a while ago now… about a year. I worked in this place for this guy and it was all lovely, he trusted me, I trusted him, and then one day I decided that I wanted his money…”
“Oh for fucksake, Nick!” Kate was, however, almost mildly amused.
“Don’t start, don’t start! It was all fine and rosy and I didn’t even think he had noticed until about three days ago.”
“What happened?”
Nick paused and slowed the car, ready for a fight. He stumbled out a few words and then stopped himself, clearly knowing that he wasn’t perhaps finding the right words.
“Spit it out,” Kate yelled abruptly.
The answer, however, was not exactly what she was expecting.
“Alright, alright! Now don’t get angry!” he pointed a finger at her, “I found out he had hired a hitman.”
“Crazy, I know!”
Kate reeled round to look out for cars that were following them, “I’ll kill the bastard myself!”
“No, no, no you don’t want to do that. Not at all! He’s well he’s pretty much the most dangerous man in the US.”
Kate wasn’t sure whether or not to defecate herself with fear or just throw up. The story just kept on getting better and better! Where was it going to end? By Nick’s death at the sound of it.
“Okay, and – if you don’t mind me asking – how did you find out this?”
“Well we sort of met…”
“You met?” Kate was about to slap him again. “You met, had drinks, had a wee boogie on the dance floor?”
Nick hesitated, “Not quite.”
“Did he try to kill you?”
Nick hesitated some more, “Might have – oh look, let’s get some gas here…”
They turned into the next stop and filled up their new red convertible beast. Kate sat back in the car, watching everywhere and everyone. The hitman wouldn’t surely have a shootout in gas station, really? Kate was doubtful, but then again she was not submersed entirely into the criminal way yet. Madness might just overcome reason at some point….
Meanwhile Nick was looking crazily eyed at the meter that displayed how much gas he was putting in. Kate spied this look and registered it as something she knew all too well.
“Nick, you’re not going to pay for this are you?”
“Me, what? Never….I’m good!”
Then, just behind him, Kate was distracted by a white Cadillac car. It was not the beauty of it that had stolen her gaze, however. There was something else – woman’s intuition perhaps – that flared alarm bells in her head.
“Nick, get back in the car!”
“What, why – I’ve nearly filled up these cans!”
“Nick, get in now! Now!”
Just as he waved his arms up in the air to start to complain about her, her fears were confirmed. A big black gun was poking out of the window of the driver’s seat in the Cadillac.
“Nick, does that hitman drive a white Cadillac?”
“Erm, maybe, oh – shit!”
Nick dived over the back of the car, ducked into the seats; Kate threw herself over to the driver’s seat and slammed her foot on the accelerator – stalling the car – then she re-engaged the engine, did the whole thing correctly, hurtled round the corner of the gas station and out into the safety of the open road again.
“Jesus fucking Christ I hate this clutch!” She yelled in pure adrenaline.
From in the back, Nick popped his head out and looked behind him, “Erm, he’s still following us…”
“Yes, yes I know –but we filled up on gas, he hasn’t!” she turned round to look at the white Cadillac, “Bastard!”
She caught Nick’s eye at the same time.
“God I think I love you,” he said.
The car swerved across the road.

~ by S.G. Mark on September 14, 2012.

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