Day 346 – Half Hour Hitman – Part 28 (probably!)

Word count: 678

Security checkout: always a tough one. The first part of the process was possibly the trickiest. From an array of passports with different names and different birthdates and slightly differently aged photographs of himself, he had to choose one. Which one was random; but the hitman would still have to, to a certain degree, become this man who was born on the given date and whose names were given to him, for whatever reason. Perhaps it was over thinking it, but the hitman liked to create a whole human life out of this one passport. He would pose questions to himself – why was he called his first name, is his second name his dad’s name of from his mum’s second marriage? What is it like to be born in April? Does he have family and are they close? Where was he born and how often does he go back? What does he do; is he intelligent, is he wealthy? The hitman wanted to make sure that there was no question that security could answer that would allow them to suspect him. He needed to create an entirely consistent impression of a real human being – from the photograph right down to the fabric of his personality, his special childhood memories and all his hopes and dreams.

Today he had chosen Alistair Frank. He was a self-employed business consultant who travelled around the country very frequently. He enjoyed spending time with his girlfriend as well as looking after his children from his previous marriage. He is on good terms with his ex-wife. He is modestly wealth and owns his own house. Travelling abroad is an exciting prospect for him as his girlfriend and ex-wife preferred the British climate and regularly went on canal boat holidays and camping trips. Alistair Frank is going to New York to meet with his biggest client to date. His company have entrusted him with the toughest challenge of his career to date. If he succeeds, he will be promoted and be given shares in the company. If not, then he may very well lose his job.

The Half Hour Hitman approached the security desk and placed his hand luggage in the tray. He had no hold luggage. In his suitcase were all the commodities a travelling businessman would need. Travel toiletries, pants for every day he was there and not one more; four ironed suits; two spare ironed shirts; five ties and a picture of his children. The hitman pushed his glasses up his nose habitually. The suitcase was put into the metal detector and he was given the nod to go through security. He did so without alarm. Sighing silently to himself, he collected his belongings and headed towards the airport bar. There was another hour til his flight and he needed a lot of thinking time.

Alistair Frank could lay low a little while whilst the hitman took over cerebral duties. The whisky and coke went down him nicely. Primarily the hitman was concerned about Andy. Though he trusted Fortrose deeply, there was still no guarantee that Andy – or indeed Fortrose – would be safe from harm. The hitman had promised Fortrose that he would not contact him for exactly five days. Any contact sooner would not be him. Any contact later would mean danger was close. There was no other option than to set aside his fears and concentrate on the task at hand.

New York: the answers were all said to be in New York. The Half Hour Hitman had been there before but on never a more important job as this one. This time he was not here to kill: he was here to save. Andy’s life rested entirely on what he could find out in New York. He had to be calculated in how he ascertained the information. He had to ensure that everything went according to plan, else Andy stood no chance at all.

The hitman ordered a final whisky. The boarding call came: time to assume the quiet life of Alistair Frank and for the show to begin.

~ by S.G. Mark on September 16, 2012.

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