Day 354 – The Salesman – Part 15

Word count: 599

Michelle had stormed out earlier that morning. Another argument about the same old thing, she was now off to shop – a replacement therapy for the one thing that she couldn’t have. Brian knew that she would come back with eight shopping bags and an over-used credit card, but he did not mind. It calmed her and contained her frustrations for as long as it took until the next argument.

Brian, however, did not care much for the arguing this morning. It was an overspill from the night before and he just wanted to set out for the day and meet with some clients. There was a lull in bookings in the past few weeks and he really needed a break with some good pay. He was planning on arranging some investments and getting a new car. Brian had to put whatever problems he had to the back of his mind. The deal was the deal – that was the only goal.

Brian adorned his black suit again; sunglasses and sharp tie to boot. Today’s client was asking top dollar for a hit. It was possibly the biggest job he had ever been offered. They were to meet in a large abandoned warehouse near the docks. There was a light rain that day. The sea air melted with the acidity of molten metal from the welding company next door. Brian got out of his car and was welcomed by three men in ties. They escorted him into the warehouse. There was a man sitting in a desk at the end of the warehouse. The closer they got to him, the more sinister he became. Everything about his demeanour was dangerous from his dark eyebrows to his sharp cheek bones and large shoulders.

“Is this him?”
Brian knew that this would not be the official client. This would be some puppet who would be pretending to be the boss.
One of the henchmen nodded, “Yes.”
“The Salesman,” Brian offered out his hand. “What can I do for you?”
The sinister man stroked his moustache. “This business, I don’t get it. How do you trust an assassin on instinct?”
“You don’t. You check my history. Most successful hitman in the country: fact. You cannot deny that you have not read my C.V?”
The sinister man looked at him, eyes bulging, “I have. I just cannot accept that as gospel.”
“Perhaps, but my name is not revered across the land for nothing.”
“This is true… this is true…” The sinister man returned his gaze to his desk.
“Right, so are we done with pleasantries? I want to know who my target is.”
“A man on an airplane. He will land on Tuesday. You will follow him until he is suitably by himself. Then you will kill him as if he has been mugged.”
“Good, right so what’s the face?”
The sinister man showed him an enlarged picture of a man with a large cigar in his mouth.
“This is just one of his many disguises.”
“Disguises?” Brian was surprised.
“Yes, disguises. You are not too unalike, you know. I expect this to be a tough battle.”
Brian was not expecting this from a quick-cash fix, but the offer was on the table and he simply could not refuse. The money was too much to just throw away.
“Consider this man is gone…”
“I am glad you have made the correct decision. If you are successful in your mission, you will also be rewarded by a secondary mission, which will be worth double what you will be paid for this one.”
Brian smiled, “Nice one!”

~ by S.G. Mark on September 24, 2012.

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