Day 356 – Alienation – Part 7

Word count: 603

Dark shadows crossed Frank’s eyes as he held the symbol aloft for Doctor Blackman to see.
“This is it! This is it!”
Doctor Blackman looked on, confused and waiting for an answer.
“Don’t you see? It is the same as my tattoo!”
“I see that, but what is jour point? Ju could have gotten that anywhere?”
Frank’s elation sunk. The doctor was right. This symbol alone meant nothing. He stuffed it into his pocket. He screamed at himself for not remembering. He had been here and he had somehow managed to walk out of here, why could he not remember how?
“Listen, I think ju need to calm down, I understand that this is very painful for you,” Doctor Blackman tried to put an arm around Frank, but he was having none of it.
“No! Don’t you see? Don’t you see? I was here! They were here!”
Doctor Blackman tried to calm Frank down further. Meanwhile a breeze blew over their location, rustling the leaves and making them feel even more alone and far removed from civilisation than they already did. Frank did not like this: he felt as if his mind were playing tricks on him and deliberately not remembering. What was it trying to hide? Secrets? Things that he needed to block from memory?
“Doctor Blackman, you have to believe me… I was taken here – by aliens. I was probed, investigated, whatever you want to call it… They took me and they changed me.”
“And how did they change ju?”
“They took memories, they took my soul – I don’t know what they did with it, but it’s up there somehow, somewhere… I can feel it. It’s calling me.”
Frank knew what he was saying was wild and outrageously ridiculous. It was probably enough for the good doctor to put him away in a hospital with nice padded walls for a long time, but it was what he felt and there was not a thing that the doctor, Moira or his family could say to make him feel any differently. Being here in the place that he had woken up after the abduction was bringing back the feelings that he had first experienced when he had returned to his family. Instead of nurturing that belief, they locked him away and made him try to forget but when he couldn’t forget they just bullied him into believing that he was mad.
“I’m not mad!” he shouted, verbalising his inner thoughts. “It happened. They were here. They are still here – still circling Earth. You wait and see.”
“Frank I think ju need to calm down. There are no aliens here. There are no aliens on Earth.”
Frank scowled at him, “I thought you wanted to listen, I thought you wanted to help? But you don’t. You want to cure me – just like the rest of them? Well I can’t be cured! I won’t be cured!”
Doctor Blackman took a step back and it was a few seconds before Frank realised why. The ground trembled behind Frank. He turned around and earth tumbled down from a large black object rising from the ground. Looking more closely the black object had scales – thick scales carved deep into it. Frank followed Doctor Blackman in running towards the trees on the other side.
“What is happening?” the doctor shouted.
“I d-I don’t know?”
Earth and rock fell from the towering object until it finally came to rest at some fifty or sixty foot from the ground. Now that the dust had settled, Frank realised that the carvings were not scales – but letters. English letters spelling out a name….

~ by S.G. Mark on September 26, 2012.

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