Day 365 – The Big Bang

12.31 on day 365. I have only one thing to say.

Word count (including titles): 9205

Day 365 – The Big Bang

The Girl Who

The sense of adventure pummelled through her heart; through every artery and every vein straight to her brain. As the air tightened around her and she was shrunk to the size of just atoms, her mind separated briefly from her body in an exhilarating rush of emptiness. At that moment in time there was no life, there was no death – merely eternity and all that would come to pass. It was in that moment that she realised what she was in the world: a small creature who would die and who would pass on what very little knowledge she knew. She would be forgotten and swallowed up by nature. Her body would never survive to be dug up by archaeologists and she would never be important. Each and every discovery made before her had been made more than once. The infinite possibilities of everything and anything would come together and cancel out the meaning of life.

Her feet landed on solid ground. A gentle dust threw up around her. Monty was already here, looking out at the vista they had landed on. Beauty did not define this place. The sky was lilac and the clouds, hanging low over the landscape were just a tint bluer than Earth’s. They were on top of a high mountain, but it was not cold. The sun beamed down and brightened everything, even her desolate heart. Below, in the valley, was a forest the snaked around the hills and plateaus. The trees on this planet were strange – they, too, were green, but they were not too alike from the leafy oak trees of home. From a distance they were like giant flowering bushes. Squinting her eyes, she saw the wind pick up in the valley and cast a thousand petals into the air, swirling around as if they were in a whirlpool.
But despite this beauty, Monty was crying. Alice walked up to him. She knew why, it was not hard to understand. His world had been destroyed. This was the world he should have grown up in; not the one in which he hid in secret chambers and time travelled back to meet strange girls in the twenty-first century on Earth.
“I’m sorry, Monty.”
“Pff, if only you knew.”
Alice walked in front of him and put her arms on both his shoulders, “Knew what?”
“Do you know it’s the one thing I can’t tell you?”
Alice couldn’t understand. “What can’t you say? This is your world? This is what you should have grown up in?”
“Exactly, Alice. This is where my people should be now. This is what we dream of at night. This is what we want back again. It was destroyed for nothing. For greed, for selfishness and now I’m just going to do the same again. I’m just… I’m as bad as they are.”
“As bad as who? Why?” Alice dashed around him as he tried to avoid her gaze. “What have you done?”
“It’s not what I’ve done; it’s what I’m going to do. It’s what I’ve been hired to do. It’s what my job is. I am as bad as the people who destroyed my people and my home and my world and my future. I am as bad. I don’t want to do this, Alice,” he clutched her face as if it were made of fine China. “You are so beautiful. More beautiful than the pictures – than the paintings.”
Alice stepped back a bit, unable to understand what this man was saying. Did he have pictures of her, as well as her diary? Who was this man? She trusted him, but should she? She felt like the fool who got played. “What do you mean? Monty, what do you mean?”
But Monty was not looking at her; he was staring out at the horizon as if he were a statue.
“Monty, answer me!” Alice was growing angry.
Monty’s head fell and he stared at the ground, “My heart is telling something different to my brain. I can’t figure out what to do. Which is right and which is wrong? Who is right and who is wrong?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about, Monty? I don’t understand.”
She heard Monty take a deep breath. “Come here, I want to show you something.”
Alice, wearily, stood right in front of him and looked intently into her eyes. Monty looked directly back into her eyes and held out his hands as if he were holding a mouse. A blue light appeared from within his hands and lit up their faces in a magical hue.
“I can’t not tell you this, this is what you should know. This is… this is my world….passed down the generations. This is my history. This is my family. This is what my great-great-great-times-a-million-grandfather did. You would call him Charlie. This is my punishment.”
Alice’s heart throbbed with anxiousness at what was about to happen. Monty opened up his cupped hands and let the light burst open like a small explosion. It swarmed around her and gathered against her skin. Though her instinct was to panic, the tiny blue particles calmed her inexplicably. Monty’s gaze did not falter the entire time. Sadness was in his eyes – a sadness that she could not empathise with.
“Close your eyes, Alice. I’ll show you my world.”
Alice did.
She was immediately disembodied as her mind was rocketed at the speed of light through a black cloudy tunnel towards a bright, shining green light. Though the light did not grow bigger the closer she got. It seemed an infinite distance away, though the warmth from it was touching her already. Suddenly a voice whispered all around her:
This is the genetic memory of the Penderans. This is our shame.
Images burst into existence all around her. There was a young man fighting with a microwave – then there was the same young man visiting a man and receiving pills in return. The same man appeared in all the images. The man looked unstable; he was angry and violent and hitting out and people and objects all around. The images then stopped and a single form of the man appeared as a three-dimensional image of green light.
I am Charlie. I am disturbed. I am ill. I am unstable. I have a disease. I have the human disease. My father raped my mother. My mother was Penderan. My father was human. I am a shame to my race. My race does not feel. My face cannot feel. Emotions are not in our life’s equation. I am abnormal. But I know one day I will become normal. I am what my race will become. The humans are attacking. They will win because we do not care. I know now what they are fighting for. For greed, for power for discovering a new world and conquering it. I do not like it but I understand it. I am the only one of my kind to understand it. For that, dear future generations, I am sorry I had to do this. I had to end the war before this became too great a suffering for me and for what future generations would begin to feel. I destroyed my race. I let the humans win. I allowed the humans to win.
In my blood I carry the first human-Penderan hybrid. I will carry that blood on not as royalty but as punishment. I have already been condemned. They will allow only one blood relation of mine per generation so that he may be a symbol of punishment. The humans will take over, but they do not take over minds. We will have our own thoughts and unfortunately we will have our own emotions. They humans want us to hate them. They want us to fear them. I think it is how they work. I think it is how they will always work. I do not ask my generations to come to stop this. Do not go back in time and stop this. Do not find a way. This is the only way.
The light image burned out into the blackness and Alice was shot back through a vortex and back into her body. Instantly she felt feint and her legs buckled under her own weight.
Monty caught her as she was about to fall.
“It’s… it’s our entire fault?”
Monty shook his head, “There’s more to it than that. I don’t want to do this, but I can’t. I can’t not.”
Alice got back on to her feet and challenged him, “Can’t not do what? Tell me! Tell me I have a right to know!”
Monty kicked a rock with frustration. It flew hundreds of metres and down into a ravine below. “The humans came because of you! They came because of you! And because of that I have to kill you to stop them from coming,” he pulled out a sharp knife and pointed it at her.
Fear struck Alice like lightening, “I didn’t, I haven’t done – no, it’s not me!”
“It is you, Alice. It is. You did this. You made this in to that horrible, horrible place. I don’t want to believe it. I have to do this.”
“I didn’t – how could I? I didn’t know about it until you took me here?”
Alice was edging back, conscious that he could launch an attack at any time.
“You’re not supposed to know yet. You’re not supposed.”
“Supposed to?”
Monty was crying. Alice knew that he did not want to do this.
Monty breathed in deeply, “Two years from now, from when I picked up, you make a discovery. You discover the Palatial System, where my home is. And three hundred years later you invade. And you kill us and you rape us and you make is into this – emotional, pathetic, crippled slaves. You turn our gorgeous world into water so you can fuel your ships. You harvest us until there are none of us left. None of us who resist at least.”

“No, no, I can’t do that – it wasn’t me?”
Alice could not understand how her actions could predict such a terrible fate. She could not understand why she would be blamed for something she clearly did not mean to do? She discovers a planet three hundred years before humans invade – she would be dead by the time they had the technology to take off.
“I resist. It is in my blood to resist. I have seen the libraries that celebrate you. I have seen your statues line streets. You are their fucking god!”
Alice backed away further, “No. I discovered a planet. So what? Does that make me the one who pulled the trigger?”
“They tasked me this. If I kill you my punishment is over. I am free and my planet is returned to how it was.”
Alice’s brain was battling through the possible scenarios like a machete to grass. There was a way out: there had to be an exit. She was not dying on planet that she was yet to discover. She was not going to let this happen and she was not going to let Monty do this. He was better than this. He was not a killer. If he was he would have done it at the start. He would have killed her the first second he saw her.
“Why haven’t you killed me?” Alice asked, stalling for time but also interested.
“Because…. Because…” Alice could see the grip on the knife faltering, “Because I love you.”
“There’s another way, Monty. Take me back. Take me back and I will show you the meaning of emotion. Drop that knife and you won’t need to be reminded of a punishment. Drop that knife and I will make it all okay again. Do you trust me?”
“But there’s no other way?”
“Yes there is. Bloody hell you are the most difficult man to get on with – you have stalked me, kidnapped me, taken me to a place far in the future and told me that the extinction of a race and a planet is all my fault and I still have not fucking tried to kill you yet. I think that should set alarm bells off in your head, dear.”
Monty dropped the knife, “I can’t kill you. I can’t. Tell me how.”
Alice ran to him and hugged him, “Take me back to the day that I found this planet. I’ll stop me.”

Folie a Deux – James

James yawned and got a little bit excited. Was it coming soon? Was he going to be passing out to a better place?

His mother had been on the phone. Clearly Miranda had been yelling to her about their relationship. He hated how his wife got on better with his parents than he did. They might have brought him up but that’s where the relationship ended. They didn’t really want him going into music and being in a band. They wanted him to become a dentist or a doctor or something with a steady salary and certain future. But from an early age James was a defiant little protestor. He never did as his mum wanted – he would frequently argue with her. He even remembered a time where he invented a twin version of himself so he had someone like him to relate to. This little twin was named Dylan and for whatever reason he would visit nightly and they would climb trees in the dark and talk about each other’s lives. Dylan was him – he was James in every way he was just…. Different. He was another friend, even though he was made up. It was shame because James really would have loved a friend like Dylan that actually existed. The day he grew up he let go of Dylan and he let go of all his childish dreams. He did listen to his parents immediately. He did listen. But he was nervous wreck because of it. He couldn’t make friends, he wasn’t even going anywhere in life – he couldn’t even date women. He went on a date once with a girl called Olivia. She was gorgeous. He was young. He blew it. The boring person he was back then was of his parents making and maybe he still was that person when Miranda met him. Maybe that’s why she got on so well with his family. Maybe that’s why she didn’t love him anymore – because he had changed. After thirty years he had finally become the man that he wanted to be.
It was a shame. He loved his kids, but there was no going back to whatever sham of a marriage it had been. Miranda was… was not the woman he loved. At least, not anymore: that woman would be tapping into his subconscious any second now. James could feel himself passing out and was enjoying every second of it. He would be with her soon. She made him smile more than anything and she made him the happiest person on Earth when she told him her real name and gave him her number.
A text arrived on his phone. It was Cat.

Can you feel it? I can feel it. It’s happening.

They would soon be with each other. They were now experiencing each other at the same time. They were the same person. Nothing made James happier.

Deathly Obsession

“In Guadalajara, Mexico, fifteen deaths have already been confirmed in a landslide caused by flooding. It is expected that the death toll will rise…”
Alan switched the TV off. He had had enough of this. He was through with hearing he was right all the time. The visions were too consuming. He could not continue to hear about how these people were going to die. But after almost twenty years of feeling this way, there was nothing he could do about it now. Death was part of life, why could it not be just a bigger part of his?

Alan got up and went to the fridge to pour himself some orange juice when a voice behind him called out, “Can I have some too?”
“Of course you can, Arina. You know you can have anything you want.”
Arina smiled from behind her bars. The sight of her clutching at her bars was so familiar. There were days that he regretted it and there were days that he didn’t. He knew he had done the right thing, but there were little spasms of consciousness that told him that maybe she would be better off free. Alan handed Arina a glass of orange juice.
“You know I do love you, right?”
“Of course. I know why I am here. I know it is for the best.”
Alan looked at her. She would be twenty five years old soon. A young woman.
Alan held his head in his hands, a headache pounding sharply against his skull: “I can’t do this for very much longer. The predictions, they keep on coming. I cannot stop them.”
Arina held out a hand through her cage, “Alan, please do not be sad. You are doing this for the good. You saved me. You must warn others.”
Alan nodded and walked away, “I’m sorry child.”
He slumped back on the sofa, his head pounding. Another vision would be coming. Another death, another victim he couldn’t save. Arina was the only one had had been able to save in the whole time he had been having these visions. He was terrible person, but he saved her life. He saw her die – a little child – how could he have stopped himself? How could he have stood by and done nothing? So he took her. He took her and she never saw her family again. He kept watch on the family, though, and made sure that they were looked after. Arina begged that of him and he could not have denied her wish.
Alan knew deep down his claims would never stand up in court. He knew that he would be labelled a liar and a child abductor. He knew that he would be sent to prison for the rest of his life for what he was trying to do.
Alan was old now. He was in his late seventies. He never married and he had cut off all his friends. It was just Arina and him. It had to be that way. Such a lonely life to lead, his only contact outside the flat was his employer, who gave him work at a local corner shop three times a week and the postman. The postman… Alan’s mind triggered a thought he had been thinking for some time now. Absolution: that is what he wanted now.
Alan took out a pen and paper from his desk in his bedroom and began to write. He could do nothing but write a tale about himself; about how he grew up and how he had learned to live with this disease. But he also wrote down something that had been on the brink of his mind for weeks now, perhaps years. He closed the letter inside an envelope and went out to the post office to post it. He knew exactly where it would be going. Victoria, the red headed woman who used to be the blond girl in the Pakistani family: she above all others deserved to know why.

Quietly the Wind Blows

Peter Brannings returned from his sea view room to the bar for breakfast, where they made him a hearty meal of fried potato scones, eggs and bacon. He ate quickly for he knew that the solicitor would be waiting for him at the pre-arranged time of ten o’clock and Peter was not sure of the way.
He asked the barman, “Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to Harold Smith’s Solicitors please? My aunt has left me with her only Will and Testement.”
“Aye, ye be gaing down to the village and turnin’ left a’ the butchers. Ye’ll see it from there.”
Peter nodded his gratitude and walked briskly out into the cold Scottish air. He was not used to the scenery of rolling hills and sea-fog, but he enjoyed it nonetheless. The fresh air pinched his lungs as he inhaled deeply. The short walk to the village was pleasant. He found the butchers in no time and followed the barman’s instructions exactly. The sign for H.S Solicitor’s was clearly seen hanging over head the door to the establishment.
Peter went inside. A secretary was by her desk, head down buried in paper work.
“Can I help you?” she asked in a broad Scottish accent.
“I’ve got an appointment with Mr Smith?”
“Ah I ken, Dorothy Brannings’ nephew?”
“Yes that’s me.”
“Harold!” she shouted into the office behind her.
A short moment later a balding man with spectacles appeared in the door way, “Good morning! Ah yes, come here, come here.”
The man was very well spoken by the sounds of it. Peter was pleased.
“Take a seat,” Harold offered Peter.
The office was small and not anything like a London office might look like, but it was not dirty and did not smell nearly half as much as his hotel room did.
“Firstly, may I say that I am very sorry for your loss.”
“It’s okay, no one really knew Dorothy. She was a bit of an anti-social creature.”
“I see. Now Ms Brannings left you with her entire estate, if you don’t mind me getting straight to the point.”
Peter almost spat with shock, “What?”
“Please note that her entire estate – her entire owned estate – exists in the form of this one piece of family heirloom.”
Harold reached into his desk and got out a folder and placed it on the desk. He opened it and presented it to Peter.
It was a small booklet. Peter grabbed it and examined it. “What is it?”
“It is strictly confidential. Even I was not to know what it was. The explanation, however, is in here.”
Harold handed over a letter to Peter.
Peter snatched it and read through.
Dear Peter,

This might seem strange and inexplicable to you, but this piece of treasured family heirloom is yours. You must keep it. You must not destroy it. You must not pass it on. You must keep as if your life depends on it. It was found seven hundred years ago. It is an article that is not from this world. Bear that in mind. Each generation beforehand, and that includes myself, offers you hope that you will find out one day, what this means.
Aunt Dorothy

Wilted Flowers

“What on earth are you doing here?” Alice screamed.
Aiden scrambled to his feet, “I’m sorry! I didn’t know this was – please don’t tell my mum!”
Alice was in shock. This was her best friend’s son! How could she not tell her?
“Please, Alice! I really didn’t, please! I’m not a bad person… I just needed some cash…”
Alice’s reply was interrupted by a smashing outside and some panicking whispers. Both Alice and Aiden rushed to the window. Outside they could see something happening with their neighbours. They looked on in horror as they saw, in the house next door, three people dragging a body out of the back door.
“What the fuck?” Aiden muttered.
“Oh dear lord, we have to go down.”

Phantom Pheasant

“Oh don’t be so melodramatic!” Maxine yelled, firing her own gun and saving the Phantom’s life.
The Phantom saw The Professor fall off the edge of the building to this death and all he could say in response was, “Huh?”
Maxine meanwhile was stripping out of her clothes and – weirdly – taking off her wig. The Phantom Pheasant looked on in bewilderment.
“I used to have this uncle Uncle Derek – and he had this hyper-active English springer-spaniel. He hated me. But he also used to hunt pheasants. I guess that’s why I’ve always liked you.”
“Uhm, thanks.”
“However, I’ve been lying to you all this time. My name is not Maxine. I’m called Tanya, and I really need your help in rescuing a man named Jonny who need us.”

The Waterbridge Café

Henry Lewins was not impressed when, despite objections, he was taken from the café into a building site by the man named Adam.
“What is this place? Why am I here?”
“Because I cannot risk anyone overhearing. Your brother needs you.”
“As I say, I have no brother.”
“I have proof.”
Adam produced a piece of paper from his inner jack and gave it to Henry. It was a birth certificate for a Sam Haywood, who listed his mother as Victoria Lewins.
“I don’t believe this.”
“Then don’t. And then the world, the galaxy, the universe and everything that you know of will cease to exist.”
“Don’t be preposterous!”
“I’m afraid it is true. Your brother doesn’t live near here, he lives far away indeed. But right now he is going to bring about the destruction of everything you know. You need to save him.”
“I don’t even know him!”
“Then take this chance to get to know him.”
“What’s wrong with him anyway?” Henry was suspicious. He had a hint that money would be involved somewhere along the line.
“He is trapped. He is trapped in time and he cannot get out. He needs our help. About twenty years ago his wife died. He took what we would commonly call a time machine and went back to try and save her. It did not work and he could not leave. After years of living the same day over and over again he was eventually persuaded to stop the cycle, but he could not – the machine was broken. The machine must be broken. And to do that we need to find four people who each have four words to a code. When we have that code, we will be able to shut that thing down and save reality.”
Henry yawned, “Right well that ensorcelled me quite a bit, but I’m sorry, I don’t believe in magic.”
Henry went to turn away, but Adam grabbed him.
“You can’t. You cannot do this. We need you.”
“And I suppose you need my money, too?”
Adam nodded.
“Well at least you’re honest.
“Four people. We know who they are. You just need to find them.”
“Listen, I don’t quite know how reality is depicted in your brain, but may I suggest that you visit a psychiatrist?”
Adam grabbed Henry’s arm, “Your mum never spoke of it for a reason – but you knew. The bump in her belly, the way she would not look at your father? Don’t you remember? She left for three months when you were four years old. She returned thin.”
Adam’s words probed a distant memory in to life again, but still Henry was not convinced. By Adam’s body language, he was very aware of that.
“Right, I’m going to have to show you the real me then,” Adam closed his eyes and slowly and in front of Henry, he turned into another person with completely different looks, stature and smile.
“What the?” Henry’s emotions were being dominated by chemical level hegemony. His insides were bouncing up and down like a wallaby.
“My name is not Adam. My name is Monty. I am a time traveller from a place that will hopefully never be known to humanity. I am here to stop the world from ending. Mainly because it is my fault.”
“A brother you say?”
Monty nodded.
“Who are the four?”
“Andrew Hawkins, Kate Summers, Jonny Leigh and Harry Peterson.”
“You have whatever you need.”

No Vacancy

Bex ran to the door – she needed a hug, it didn’t matter from whom. But just as she was about to reach the door, it burst open and a slightly pissed off looking man appeared in the doorway.
“Don’t worry! It’s not a ghost, it’s just a… thing don’t worry. I’ve been going around all the places today saying that. You, hopefully, might be my last one.”
“What are you on about? Who are you?”
“Jack Stewart and I’m a man who just wanted to have a quiet beer one night when his brother decided to turn up and I had to bail, got abducted by aliens and now I’m being roped into saving the world. My head hurts to be honest.”
“But there was a man in the room – you knew? The ghost?”
Jack shook his head, “Not a ghost hun – just something that I’m trying to make go away. Speaking of which, that’s where I’ve gotta be – nice meeting you. Take care. Oh and return to England. Florida is a horribly plastic place.”
Bex’s jaw dropped. She needed to return home to find out where in the country he lived…

Folie a Deux

I can’t believe we are doing this.
The text came through and sung to Cat’s heart. She was in the taxi, travelling to the hotel. Her heart was swelling like a balloon and her mind was buzzing like a bumblebee. Any minute now she would arrive at the hotel they had booked. They would be finally meeting – her and James. Happiness could not describe how she was feeling. It was beyond that. Her life had now found some meaning; it was such a shame that she could not tell anyone about it. That was the condition, though she knew why. James was a big star – his career would be ruined. His family would be broken. Still the vicissitudes had not come yet and until they did, Cat was going to enjoy every minute. Deep down she knew she couldn’t keep him.

The taxi pulled up outside the hotel. She paid the driver and got out. She had only overnight luggage. The hotel was very posh. She felt very conspicuous to the rest of the clientele. James had already checked in and would be upstairs waiting for her. She crossed the entrance hall and took a lift up the correct floor. It was the poshest lift she had ever been in. Velvet lined the walls and there was even a little picture frame of some obscure artist’s work on the wall. The corridor for the fifth floor was even more decorated. It surpassed the standards set by the lift, leaving Cat to think that she looked discombobulated next to it.

Cat quickly found the door to room five hundred and sixty three. She knocked on it, preparing her stomach for the somersaults it would be taken in a few seconds. From outside the door she could hear movement within – he must be just on the other side of the door!
“Antidisestablishmentarian-ism,” she said with confidence – she had been practicing how to pronounce it for weeks.
The door open and she died with happiness. It was James from her posters, her CD album covers. He was gorgeous –he was her man. He grinned at her and opened his arms wide. She dove into them and immediately felt as if she had just come home after years of being out in a snowstorm.
“This is weird!”
“I know, Cat. It’s… it’s… it’s like a dream come true….” James surveyed her figure, “You’re beautiful.”
Cat blushed, not knowing how to return the compliment. Cat couldn’t help wondering what would happen now – would they just get on with it? Would they talk for a while first? A sadness slithered its way inside her and made her believe herself to be just a child. The idea of being a hotel room with this man scared her now – it would be her first time and it would be his. But before anything could be said between them something appeared in the corner of her eye – indeed both their eyes.
“Hi!” a man grinned, “I’m sorry to room this very romantic climax and I’m sure I’ve just ruined his manhood, but well I’ve come to tell you that I can fix this.”
“Who the fuck are you?” James advanced on the man, fists clenching.
“No one, no one!”
“How did you get in?”
“I appeared – don’t hit me!”
James was about to throw a punch when the man spat out the strangest words ever said to either of them, “I can cure this – your condition. I know why you’re linked. I can stop it. It’s all to do with a broken time machine being used to try and return a man’s dead wife to the living and well I have to stop that somehow, so I can fix you… I can fix it.”
James and Cat looked at each other.
“You’d forget each other though. But you’d be free of this sickness.”
Cat and James looked at each other even deeper. Cat knew he was going to say no – he knew it. He wasn’t going to give up his family for her anyway.
“Leave, we don’t need you. I love her. Why would I want to forget her?” James took Cat’s hands and planted a moist kiss on her lips.
Behind them Jack pointed his thumb behind him, “I’ll, er, go then?” and disappeared.
“I really hope that was just part of our crazy minds,” James said to Cat, “Because that was just fucking weird.”
“And the past nine months’ haven’t?”
“Fair point, my girl, fair point,” and he kissed her once more.


“Well that doesn’t make any sense?” Frank exclaimed, wiping his brow of sweat. “Who the heck is Jack Stewart?”
“I don’t know brudda, but as sure as hell believe ju now!” Doctor Blackman sighed.

One Twenty-Fourth

Ed signalled another brandy over to his table. As he waited for his drink he looked at the man in front of him, sizing him up and determining whether or not to trust him with the task at hand. He was the world’s second best assassin and America’s best.
“Tell me why do they call you The Salesman?”
“Because I’m very good at selling myself. Do we have a deal?”
Ed admired the man’s courage, but he could play people like a Theremin – he did not have to go anywhere near them to make sure they danced to his tune.
“Nick stole from me. I want him dead. Give him to me dead and we have a deal.”
“Where was he last?”
“New York. He is with some girl called Kate.”
“Consider him dead.”

Meditation in the Backwaters of Outer Space

Jack must have appeared retarded. He was reading through a brochure on space travel for the Beginners. It was the most ridiculous idea in the world, except perhaps splitting The Hobbit in to three films.
“Henry, right?”
“Yes, correct.”
“What is going on?”
Henry sighed, “By some strange circumstances you have been chosen to be the one who saves the world. I don’t quite know why, as I’ve never met before and until yesterday I never thought it would be possible.”
Jack imagined his Sphygmomanometer reading being off the chart at this point, “Right, so erm, I’m going to go now…”
“Go where? You’ve got nowhere to go? You’re trapped on Earth almost thirty thousand years into the future. Do you honestly think that you’re going to sod off back home?”
Jack wanted to faint but his body wouldn’t allow it, “Please, please, please tell me why?”
“I’m not sure, it goes back centuries – well centuries where I come from. I think you’re from the twenty-first, right?”
Jack nodded as if he were talking to a foreigner, “Where… uhm, where?”
“I grew up a few hundred years after you. I live on Europa and until yesterday I would have pulled the same retarded face as you are now.”
“There’s a man. He’s trapped. He can’t get out. He’s trapped in time – in a tiny bubble of time – and that’s not the worst of it. His actions are causing ripples in time – throughout time and in every dimension and alternate reality. There are stories – kids believing they have invisible friends that are identical twins; people appearing and disappearing; mind reading and strange, strange things happening. Even this event in itself should not be happening.”
“Right. And I can help how?”
“You’re going to have to ask Monty for that. I can’t tell you.”
“Who is Monty?”
“An alien. He’s really nice though.”
Jack was severely isolated from his own humanity that his replies had become robotisised.
“I know this is strange scenario to put you in, but if we give you a miniature time machine and ask you to go around fixing things for us, would you do it?”
“Will it get me back home?”
“Yes. You’ll be sent home soon.”
“Could I also not be?”
Henry thought for a second, “I don’t see why you couldn’t go anywhere you wanted to go.”
Jack would be a douchecanoe not to accept the offer to save the world and get a free place to stay in space, “You’re on.”

Betrayal in the Skies

“Right boyo, you’re coming with me. I know Pheasants can’t fly, but we’re going to have to in order to save this poor guy.” Tanya was walking him out to a commercial aircraft.
They were to save this man from his fate, though apparently they needed to let him go through it a bit first. Quite why they were doing this, the Phantom did not know and nor did he ask. It was weird question; it was going to get a weird response.

Jonny grabbed on to something as the plane dipped mid-air. Things fell from the luggage lockers and tumbled on to him.
“Please! Please let us go!” he screamed hearing a girl in pain a short distance away.
But suddenly the plane tilted back to the horizontal plane and calm returned.
“Is everyone okay?” a female voice asked loudly. She came striding up the aisle of the plane along with a man dressed in a Pheasant costume…
“Here! Help!” he yelled to make sure he was seen.
“Good, it’s you. Right, we’ve saved your sorry ass, now you have to do something for us.”
Jonny was confused – he had just been kidnapped and now that he had been saved he had to return the kindness? Is that how the police worked these days?
“Look, we know you know four words and no amount of lying or crying will actually make us believe you.”
Jonny just about shat himself. No one was meant to know of the four words.
“I don’t know what you are on about, I’m sorry! I’m really, truly sorry, but you’ve got the wrong bloke!”
The girl threw her face about an inch away from his, “Listen, before we get trapped into any circumbilivagination, I want to let you know that I won’t hesitate to cut off your balls before you scream out the four words to me in exquisite pain.”
The pheasant in the background piped up, “It’s true, she’s turned into a right bitch the last few days I’ve known her!”
“Okay, okay! I know! But I don’t know what they are for!”
“That’s alright, we do! Now, are you coming with us?”
Jonny was hesitant, but agreed.
The girl wolf whistled, “Jackie! Time to pick us up!”
A second later a man – presumably Jack – appeared in the plane, “Hey guys! Oh god, I can’t wait to retire… Where are we anyway?”
“Just above Rockall…”

Two Letters

Victoria read the letter again and again. If it was saying what she thought it was saying, then there would only be one course of action. She was compelled to murder this anfractuous beast.
She got in the car and followed the instructions to the address that were detailed in the letter. He emotions were a blinding and uncontrollable torrent. For years she had wanted this man dead. Her sister, Arina was gone because of him. This disgusting man had taken her sister from her and today he would pay.
She arrived outside the flat. It was a grubby little thing that should have been demolished long ago. Victoria rang the buzzer for the flat.
“Come in, Victoria.”
She climbed the stairs wishing she had bought a baseball bat, a knife or a gun. The door was open at the top of the stairs. She entered it apprehensively. It did not look like the home of a murderer. It was immensely clean.
A man was sitting in an armchair. He was old.
“Hello Victoria. Can you please do it quickly? I fear that nature may beat you.”
“Did you take her?”
The man nodded. “I regret it now. I should have given her life.”
“You should yes. But I will take yours now if that is alright?”
There is a knife on the table there, please use that. Victoria picked it up and approached the man. She felt almost sorry for him. He looked like a granddad, but he clearly had no children of his own – there were no pictures of family anywhere to be seen.
“Just pop it in my chest. Please, now is fine.”
Victoria did not know what had come over but she felt the rage of a lifetime’s worth of hatred rise up and before she realised she had placed the knife in his chest.
“Thank you, Victoria.” The man closed his eyes as if he had just gone to sleep. He made no noise that he was in pain.
“Oh shit, you shouldn’t have done that,” a man appeared at the doorway, “Jack Stewart, Time Police, shit, shit, shit.” He ran over to the dead man.
“He murdered my sister.”
“No – no he didn’t!” Jack went over to one of the doors leading from the main room and opened it. It revealed a room with a girl lying sleeping in it. Victoria was confused. “That’s your sister – he never took her… he suffered from a condition brought on by something… very complicated…”
“She’s alive?”
“But I just killed….”
“Don’t worry about it – go be with her. He had visions of people’s deaths. He saw your sisters. He wanted to protect her. So he did.”
Victoria ran over to the girl and woke her, “Arina?”
“Victoria? You look different?”
“No, your hair, your eyes?”
Victoria grabbed on to her sister, “I tried to change the way I look, but I guess I could be blonde once again…”

The Third Party

“Shit we’ve dropped him!”
They had killed their letting agent for murdering their landlord in a bid to try and get the money she inherited. Of course now they had a clear run for the money, but they mainly killed him for killing their landlady and burying the evidence. They were taking his body out of the house when they dropped him.
Within five minutes the neighbour Alice was out with what looked like her nephew. “What is this?” she was shouting.
“Erm, we didn’t really mean it…”
Behind them the kitchen door opened and a woman with blond spikey hair walked in, “Who the fuck are you guys? This is my house!”
“You’re the landlady?”
“Yeah I am!”
They all looked at each other, looking at someone to blame, when another person marched through the kitchen door.
“Only me! Last one before I get around to the real stuff – she isn’t dead, time mixup, something about dimensions in space, you’ll all get over it and be happy in the end, trust me!”

The Spy

“None of this is making any sense! I’m not giving you any of the words!” Harry accidentally admitted that he knew them all along. “Shit,” he breathed to himself.
There was no escape from this car park. He was going to die here.
“Hey guys,” a voice marched in, “I’m Jack, Time Cop, don’t make a fuss. Firstly I’m here for you,” he pointed at Harry “and secondly I’m here to kill you and your stupid cult.”
Jack fired a shot Gary’s heart and shot at the rest as the scattered across the car park.
“What the fuck?” Harry exclaimed.
“I know, continuity is really fucked at this point! I don’t really know where I am or what to do … right, well he was a nasty man that needed to be put down. He was trying to work against us. He had this weird thing that I actually have in my pocket – it’s a brochure for new space travellers. It somehow wound up in his family and they believed all sorts and now there’s a time machine that we need to stop from blowing up and you have one quarter of the code to make it stop. Are you in?”
Harry shrugged his shoulders, “I hope to god I’m on drugs.”
“Me too, brother, me too – come with! Oh the memorabilia I could make out of this if it were a film…”

The Passenger
“Trust you to crash the fucking car!”
“We were being chased by an assassin! Your assassin! The assassin trying to kill you because you stole some money from your old boss! None of this is my doing, you’re not going to blame me!” Kate was determined to not let him win on this one as the hung upside down in the car.
“I hate you, I really hate you. You never listen to me! I said to take it slower!”
“Slower? I’m sorry the country’s most successful assassin is chasing us and you’re caring about speed?”
“Hello?” a voice from out with the car was heard.
“Hello? We’re here, can you help us?”
Kate and Nick were helped from the wreckage by two people called Jerry and Tanya.
“Nice to meet you guys.”
“You two, why are you running away from an assassin?”
“Because he’s an irresponsible twat, that’s why,” Kate had fallen out with Nick.
“Oh right.”
A bright purple light blew up out of the blackness and a man stood in the middle of it. “Hi guys, Jack Stewart, time cop – Kate, four words, you know what I mean. It’s time.”
“Oh crap.”
“I know, but it’ll all be over soon,” Jack comforted her as she made her way towards him.
“Nick, I’ll be back soon, okay? Sorry about the car.”

Half Hour Hitman

“I wish he would just hurry up,” Andy said to Fortrose.
“It’s almost time.”
“He’s gone to stop The Salesman from killing Kate. If he can stop that then we’ll be alright.”
A knock came on the door. Fortrose answered.
“Hey, Jackie, and er – Kate –time cop – we’re-”
“Thank god you came! I was starting to really worry!”
Andy and Kate hugged each other, “I thought I’d never see you again…”
“Is that all the lambs now?” Fortrose asked Jack.
“Yep, it is.”
“And did the Half Hour Hitman catch up with The Salesman?”
“Yeah I tried to intervene on that one, but they were having a nice up of coffee in some diner and comparing notes so I thought I’d best just leave them… but we have to go now. Monty is waiting.”

Jupiter’s Children

“Theophilus? Louise Petts?” Names were appearing on the computer screen as if they were present in the room. Henry even thought he could hear the sound of a harpsichord.
The computer was still only showing two life signs though. Henry waited impatiently for the life sign to reach the door.
The door slid open, “Hello Henry. I’m glad you finally came. We’ve been trying to get you here for a while now. The times have been slipping out of proportion. You’re seeing fossils that are impossible? They are not. They are from a hundred million years in the future, when you are no long on this moon. This is caused by a rift in time. Unfortunately your father fell through that rift, but he is alive. We can even find him for you.”
Henry could not believe what he was hearing, “Who are you?”
“My name is Monty, and I am an extra-terrestrial. Will you help me save the universe?”

Lord of the Bees

“You’re in the newspaper Tim, isn’t that surprising? Isn’t that shocking?”
Tim read the article. It was about how he had been revealed to be the Phantom Pheasant. He sighed and ate the rest of his eggs, “You know what no. I saved the fucking galaxy. I think I deserved a newspaper headline. Even if it was just in my local paper.”

Out Beyond

The rocket sailed out of the solar system. All on board were quiet. They knew the secret all along. The Earth was dying but it was not alone in its suffering. The galaxy was being eaten by something. The stars were going out. There was no life left out there. Darkness had fallen and the end of time itself was beginning.

The Big Bang

Monty stood in front of the four people that would save the universe.
“I met you all once before. I told you something – four words each. You never knew why these were told you but now you will.”
A long time ago I lived on another planet. I came to this one to find the love of my life, Alice. She saved my people and ensured that I could stay with her by making me attempt to destroy my time machine. But I couldn’t do it completely. I made a mistake. I deactivated it. I deactivated it and a man found it. A man named Sam. A man who was so terribly distraught by what had happened to his wife that his emotions reactivated the time machine and took him home: it took him back to his wife. And Sam, blessed Sam, he tried to stop his wife from dying. Except he couldn’t and time machine kept looping back because he kept going to it and he kept setting it to the same time every day in the hope that he would be able to save her one more time. After a while he came to know that this was never going to be. The days looped and looped and he only cared about seeing his wife for the time he could. But the machine took another into its helm. It took in a woman named Debbie who saw him go into the time vortex and took her as well. They both went around knowing their days were the same. Eventually he cried out for help and activated the help – me.”
Jonny, Kate, Harry and Andy were concentrating hard on what he was saying.
“We need to destroy that time machine. It is affecting the entire universe. It will destroy everything. But Sam will not survive.”
The four took sharp intakes of breath.
“I have here the exterior to the time machine. This allows me to communicate with Sam,” he held up a small brown calculator-type machine. “Please speak each of your words into this.”
The four of them nodded.
In the background stood Alice, tears streaming down her face: Monty had had the discussion with her already that this was not her fault.
Harry turned to Andy and shook his hand, “I guess there’s no other time to tell you, but I’m your brother…”
“What? I’m an only child?”
“Yeah, adopted…. It’s all very complicated.”
Andy was shocked, but at the same time relieved. He was finally free and he finally knew why he was being kept safe all these months.
“All of you, please step forward. Kate, you first.”
Kate stepped up to Monty and gulped, “What if I get it wrong?”
“You won’t.”
“But my first word is ridiculous….”
“Go for it,” Monty held the machine up to her lips and she began to speak.
“Super-super-super-supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Lord, Tyrant, Execute.”
She stepped down from the machine as a red light glowed on it.
Harry went up next and said with pure confidence, “Eat, March, Terrible, Autonomy.”
Green lit up on the machine now.
Andy was next, “Fox, Emanate, Intertwine, Susan.”
“Susan?” Harry scoffed.
Monty shrugged, “I didn’t make them up! The machine did!”
The machine lit up yellow.
Jonny was last, “Ziggurat, Flowers, Mouth, Hidden.”
The machine’s last colour lit – purple.
“That’s it locked,” Monty said, “It has begun.”

The Way Home

Debbie ran round to Sam’s house first thing in the morning. She knew he would be there and they needed to talk. It had been thirty loops since he had contacted Monty. They were waiting on news. Debbie was desperate to hear what the news was today.
Sam usually was in his front living room, but today he was not. He was upstairs in the bedroom. For days he could not look at his wife and as soon as she realised where he was, Debbie realised what must be coming.
She appeared in the door way like a ghost.
“Sam?” she spoke softly.
The bed was empty. Natasha was no longer there.
“Did you say goodbye?”
“No. I didn’t get the chance,” Sam replied.
“Is it time?”
Sam nodded. He knew was fate was awaiting him and he hardly felt cheated by it. He had had his time over and over again. He blamed himself for not being there for his daughter though. Monty said he would explain to her when the time was right. Time. That was all he ever wanted and he took too much. He took so much he took it from other people.
“Stay with me until the end.”
Debbie nodded and lay down beside him, holding him tightly. “It was the right thing to do.”
“I know, Debbie. But it doesn’t make it any less painful.”
“Do you know how long you have left?”
“More time than I should have had, Debbie. More time. I’ve had enough of time.”
As the minutes drew out the room became emptier and emptier. Belongings and possessions disappeared. The light in the room grew and grew and it sparkled as well.
“Well this is very pantheism, isn’t it?” Sam joked.
Debbie was crying.
“All things come to an end, I think realise that now.”
Everything in the room disappeared until it was just them alone.
“I think you’ll be going soon now too. You have a good life,” Sam said, kissing her on the cheek.
“Goodbye,” she whispered as she disappeared.
Sam was in the room on his own with not even the ghosts of his past pain to keep him company. He had taken too much and now he had to give back what he had taken. For a few short years or seconds or minutes or whatever time was measured in across the universe at any one point, he was the centre of everything and he was eating all of its energy. But now the time had come for the end, at least for him. This event though – his death – was not just a sacrifice, it was a journey and above all it was the second biggest bang in history. It was the reboot of the universe – the control alt delete and the system restore. He laughed, trust him to bugger up a computer-like system. He was never very good with technology.

Then, everything, turned into white. And it wasn’t over, it just continuing in a more logical order.

~ by S.G. Mark on October 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day 365 – The Big Bang”

  1. YEAH!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has been brilliant! THANK YOU from a loyal reader!
    ( I hope time isn’t totally through looping so I’ll be able to read more from you in the future…. or in the present. or past….or, well… you know…..sometime)

  2. Well done Steph. Amazing determination. You can now have a rest.

    your very proud parents!

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