The Day After

Couldn’t resist writing a post today.

It’s strange.

Writing a story a day became as habitual as brushing my teeth in the morning. I didn’t have to think about it too much during the day, I just knew I had to do it. There were the odd days that I had to make sure I got home from wherever I was – pub, restaurant, work night out, trains from wherever, friend’s house in time to write a story.

I’ve taken hours to write a story… the first one was probably about three hours. The second one was actually only about an hour and a half… then quite quickly I learned that I could churn out a story in twenty minutes if I needed to, though a lot of the time I wanted to have longer….

My longest time to write a story was definitely on the last day. I knew that I was going to be drawing a close to all my stories on the same day for a number of weeks. I put little hints in the stories that set everything up until the end, but the last day of trying to link all the ones I hadn’t had a chance to do was quite tough. I spent the day planning it and setting it up and started writing about 6pm or so. I finished the story literally on the last second. As I put the full stop and closing quotation marks I checked the time and it just flicked to midnight. I was done. Six hours of writing.

On the contrary, I’ve written a 550 or so word in 12 minutes.

Not really sure what to do tonight. I’m drinking a lot of rum, most likely. I can’t quite cope with the idea of not writing a story – it seems strange to me. It was only a year, but I had actually forgotten what it was like to not have to do something every night before midnight.

So yeah, I’m a little sad today.

I’m going to be writing again soon. But for now, I’ve reheated the burger I ordered from the takeout man at 2am this morning and I’m going to start my second glass of rum, which is technically my first, as a I stole my friend’s glass of rum before he left for a train today. That friend, coincidentally, is why I have started and finished this project. So I guess I should drink to him… But as he nicked my Xbox 360 back, I’m going to have to deny him that honour, the ******. 🙂

~ by S.G. Mark on October 6, 2012.

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