Why I Do Stuff

Before I started this project, I would have said for the 10.5p bet I have with my friend.

Now that I’m doing it, I would say it’s for the fun, the experience, the chance to improve.

However, the real reason is because I’m slightly mad and didn’t entirely think it through that 365 stories might actually be a horrific amount of imagination. Help.

Stories ideas welcome!

Meanwhile, here’s some amazing other sides to look at:

Edinburgh artist, Natalie Doyle, can be found and admired here: http://velcroblonde.wordpress.com/

Midsomer Timberland “musician” and alleged male stripper, Christopher Sands, can be found here: www.365songs.co.uk – Mother click here again.

Edinburgh photograph, Monteith of Monteith, can be found here and prosecuted here: www.photographise.com

Edinburgh based creep and filmographer person, Andy Cameron, may be found here: www.47film.com

London based fellow-amazing-writer-extraordinaire Alex Brown can either be found on Skyrim or his blog Amapoftheborderlands

A man armed with a graphics-software-toolkit, a Pritt-stick and four ounces of glossy papyrus, Tom Brown, http://orderedimages.blogspot.com/

3 Responses to “Why I Do Stuff”

  1. Horrifically good,though!

  2. Hi there. I found your site after hearing you at the Q&A with Moffat at the festival. Thought you might be interested in the group Scriptwriters Central on Facebook.

    The focus is largely on screenwriting, but short story/prose/poetry writers are more than welcome to join and it always helps as a writer to have a sounding board for ideas or just general questions you might have about writing (or an inability to do so!).

    Hope to see you there.

    • Hi Jon! Just sent a request to join the group. Thanks for the info. I’m quite surprised you’d remember my site after my quick question with Moffat. I’m glad to say his advice keeps me going each day. I’m currently writing my book trilogy – The Dark Places Trilogy page on facebook if you are interested. Would also love to write scripts though.

      Cheers once again!

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