Three Hundred & Sixty Five Stories

Ssshhhhh. This is the back door, the front door can be located here, 365stories.


My name is Steph Mark and as of the 7th of October 2011, I have been writing a short story a day of 500 words or more.  Please navigate your way round to the front door and have a gander at what I’ve been writing about. Feel free to add a comment – be it complimentary or critical. I’d love both.


Though do be advised that I usually start writing at half eleven at night and therefore you may find that some of my stories have never been read over  – at all, let alone checked for grammar – and are completely bizarre – like Koalas vs Ponies or at least vaguely interesting – like The Girl Who series… After midnight, I do not edit the story. I leave it as it is – spelling and grammar mistakes included. Whilst I do try and get the grammar right first time, my main drive behind this is to stimulate new ideas and to train my brain into being able to create new characters and worlds at will.


It’s going remarkably well so far. I’ve only twice had to hurriedly finish a story at 11.59. It’s not exhausting, it’s barely any hard work and the great thing about it is that it’s not constantly on my mind. So I hope, if you do have a wee look-see, then you’ll find something that interests you – and if not, drop me an idea and I’ll have a go at writing one for you!


Now I really have to start writing a story now…
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4 Responses to “Three Hundred & Sixty Five Stories”

  1. Nice, love it.

  2. Just discovered your site – great idea 🙂

  3. Hiya, I had the same idea as I’m rubbish at short stories and wanted some practice between editing my novel but thought it would be too hard so well done you’re doing brilliantly! 🙂 x x

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