Vote For Your Favourite Story!

So I’ve just completed Day 361. I really enjoyed writing it. Not long to go! Stupidly got the day wrong for the final day and booked the wrong day off work, but everything fixed now. An entire day of story writing! I can’t imagine it. Well…. I probably should.

I almost don’t want to finish……almost.

It’s getting towards the end now. I’m about to write day 299. My 300th story.

Second day into this project I was at the cinema and got home at ten o’clock and spent two hours writing a story. I remember thinking that this would be how my evenings would go for the rest of the year. Constantly dwelling on an idea for a story, a character, a series. I guess I should probably spend more time on them, but now I can write a story in 12 minutes (my record). It is draining. Not every day, but a build up over a few weeks of having a busy life and having to write at the same time can be hard, exhausting.

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to finish off most of my serials. I don’t want them to end. I want to turn a lot of them into novels, especially Folie a Deux and Jupiter’s Children. In a way I want to keep a little bit of them back from you all just so you’ll buy it in book form if it ever makes it to the shelves.

After this project I will be writing full-length novels of:

Folie a Deux
Jupiter’s Children
The Girl Who
The Salesman

I want to write a script of The Passenger and the Half Hour Hitman.

But I want to hear from you guys what your favourite stories are – if any! Please let me know as I would love some feedback on what is liked, loved and loathed on my site.

Just pop a comment with the name of the story (or series) that you like and I’ll try to prioritize in finishing them, or at least write an exciting enough plot to keep you gripped until there’s a book form of it!

Thank you to all my readers! From Brazil to Russia, Canada to Argentina, Chile to Abu Dabi, Egypt, Germany, the US, the UK, France, India, the Philippines, Australia and all others who have stumbled across me whilst trying to find weird google search terms, come dine with me clips, old friends who should be with us and – once or twice now – Simon Cowell.

3 Responses to “Vote For Your Favourite Story!”

  1. ‘The Girl Who’ and ‘Folie a Deux’!!!
    Although I haven’t read all of the other ones…

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